S. (eumorpha 'Salto' x piresiana) x conspicua, yes it has scent!!!
 I made this cross late last summer.  I had bought the (S. eumorpha 'Salto' x piresiana) cross on
ebay.  The
S. conspicua is one of my seed-raised plants (seed from Mauro Peixoto).  I had tried
several crosses with
S. conspicua as the seed parent, but none took, so I switched midstream and
used it as a pollen parent.  This is one of the first crosses I made with it  As you can see the flower
shape of
S. conspicua predominates, but it has a light pink tinge and purple in the throat.  Most
amazing is that it has the clear lemony smell of S. conspicua, but the plant shape and blooming style
of S. eumorpha, so far.
It bloomed for the first time on June 29, 2008.
@copyright Brad Walker July 4, 2008
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- you can see that the pink has come
through just a light tinge in the throat
and at the top of bloom.The throat has
a yellow background and maroonish
stripes in the throat and on the lower
Left - The light wasn't right to get a
good picture of both blooms, but I
wanted one with seed parent (upper
left corner) and the hybrid.  My
conspicua isn't blooming yet.
Above  - 1010 {(S. eumorpha x piresiana) x conspicua}