2009 Show index
@Brad Walker Sept.29, 2009
2009 Show Plants
Class 1-2nd place Sinningia globulosa
Class 5 - 1st place Sinningia 'Heartland's
Class 8 - 1st place Achimenes 'Blue Moon'
Class 8 - 2nd place Achimenes
I took pictures of most of the winning plants,
but didn't do mine that won!  I kept thinking
I could take pictures later at home and of
course got busy and forget. If I can find pics
of my plants that won I will put them on
later.  The pictures aren't perfect, I am not a
photographer and only shoot what like.  I
hope you enjoy them.
Class 7 - 1st place Nautiocalyx pemphidius from
Nautiocalyx pemphidius bloom - not a great shot but best I
Class 9a - 3rd place Kohleria 'Heartland's Blackberry
Class 9a - 2nd place Kohleria 'Brazil Gem'
Class 9b - 2nd Kohleria place 'Peridot's
Class 11 - 1st place Smithantha 'Aria'
Class 11 - 2nd place Smithiantha 'Sassy
Kohleria 'Peridot's Kitlope' bloom
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