S. eumorpha x rupicola (2500 series)
@copyright Brad Walker, May 23, 2010
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The plant above and on the right has
the lightest bloom of this set of seeds.
The plant above and right is now
'Beulah Mae' IR 101133.
Mae was my spouse's grandmother
and named after her.
The picture on the left shows the range of color
in this set of hybrids.  These two are the lightest
and the darkest, all have the striping in the
throat. They bloom once and then set seed,
much like
S. rupicola.  I mainly am keeping
these to use in my breeding program, for the
color and striping  in the throat.  Plan to cross
them to the 900 series and (
douglasii x
), for more S. eumorpha shape and
larger blooms.