Sinningia ({eumorpha x iarae} x eumorpha) Series bw600
Above - 607 (white) and 621 (pink)  good eumorpha shaped flowers.
I kept 32 of this hybrid to see what colors and shape of blooms I would get. There are predominately 3 colors white with a little hint of
pink, white with pink blush, and pink with light lavender blush.  There have been 2 different types of bloom one is almost identical to
eumorpha as below, the other looks much like
Sinningia barbata with a dutchman's pipe bloom only larger.  The pink and almost pure
white have bloomed in both flower types.  The plant itself is very S. eumorpha looking in size, shape and color.  They also seem to be
fertile as I  set seed last year, but a mouse during the winter decide to eat the seedling, so I am re-trying them again.  The seed parent is
my really clear pink hybrid of
S. eumorpha x iarae by Ruth Zavitz.  As more of these bloom I post pictures of them.
@copyright Brad Walker November 11,  2009
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Above -627 nice lavender with white stripe in throat
630 deeper pink,
bloom slightly smaller
than eumorpha
639 light pink
Above - 609 pink
Above - 618 lavender with white
stripe in throat with no yellow.
Above - 619 very soft lavender
with white throat, but the really
neat thing is the two pink spots on
either side of the throat
Above -622 another nice lavender,
wide bloom with white in throat
Above 631- nice lavender with
much narrower bloom