Achimenes 2009
I ordered 3 of these from Lauray of Salisbury in 2007 and was surprised at how easy they were
to grow.
The blue one below is "Ambroise Verschaffelt", it has great blooms with truly outstanding color. It
blooms fairly well,but hasn't increased much in the last two years.
copyright @ Brad Walker April 6, 2008
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The peach one below is "Peach Glow", it has nice color but didn't bloom well.  It only had
about 12 blooms in 2008, but has a lot of buds showing right now.
Below is "Tracey Thornley" it has incredible blooms, but very shy about showing them.  It didn't
have but 4 blooms in 2008. It has come back in fine shape this year, with lots of blooms forming.
Right - this is a plant I bought at
Wal-mart for $2.00 three years
ago.  I let it dry out completely,
stick it under the bed and leave
it alone all winter.  I just pulled it
and the others out from under
the bed and they have just
started coming throught the soil.  
Looks like it was a bumper crop
last year as I have probably
12-15 plants in each pot.
This one and the pink one I
bought at Wal-Mart grow and
bloom like crazy.  I have several
8" pots of each from 3 rhizomes
of each.
Left and above - Achimenes 'Yellow Beauty'   I bought this one in March
2009, it started blooming the first week of June and bloomed through the
second week of September.  Heavy bloomer, with bright butter yellow
flowers and orange/red spotting in the throat. Highly recommend!