Paliavana prasinata x Sinningia sp. 'Gertiana'
naming it xSinvana 'Charity & Hope'
I ordered the seeds for these
plants in 2006 from the AGGS
seed fund, not really knowing
what to expect.  It has taken it
three years to mature enough to
bloom.  The plant is about 2.5
feet tall , large leaves thick
trunklike stem.  The bloom is very
nice, white with lavender lines
running through the throat and fine
lines on the edge of the petals. It
may be sterile, but have tried
crossing it with
S. eumorpha and
two other of my
S. eumorpha
The two xSinvana's for
comparison. On the left is
'Charity and Hope', on the
right 'Mt. Magazine'.  My 'Mt.
Magazine' is about 2.75 feet
tall and has just started into its
blooming cycle as you can
see.  The blooms are larger on
'Mt. Magazine, but 'Charity
and Hope' blooms face
outward so you get the full
effect of the blooms.  'Charity
and Hope' may be a shy
bloomer, will have to wait and
 (if you have room for a larger
upright plant, highly
recommend xSinvana 'Mt.
Magazine'. I have won two
awards so far with it.)
@Brad Walker, Sept.29, 2009
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