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Sinningia eumorpha x Vanhouttea lantana
This is an interesting plant and story. I buy seed from Mauro Peixoto and frequently look at his
site for reference.  I saw this hybrid and contacted Mauro about it on January 28, 2007.  He
had collected one flower of
Vanhouttea lanata in the wild and traveled with it for one week.  
When he returned home he had a
Sinningia eumorpha in bloom, so he crossed it.  The pod
had just a couple of seeds and only one germinated. Mauro said that he had lost this hybrid
some years ago and was going to try it again.  
This is a link to his page on his hybrid.
On April 9 2007, I contacted Mauro
to order more seeds and asked if he
had remade this cross, he had.  I
planted the seed when they arrived and
had about 20 germinate.  By
September I was down to about 10,
they need high humidity to grow well.  I
lost 4 more during the winter, I only
kept them alive by putting them under a
humidity dome.  In April of 2008, I put
this one outside and it did fairly well
and actually had 3 blooms, then the
heat of summer burnt the leaves and it
quit blooming.  As of November it is
back in the house on a windowsill and
still growing.  It roots easily, but
doesn't grow well inside my house as I
have gas heat and it dries the air.
It grows very vinelike and has individual blooms that are under the leaves.  The leaves
are hairy and the plant is about a foot tall.  It doesn't produce a true tuber, but large
thickened roots.  All my others but one died, it hasn't bloomed, but has really amazing
foliage.  The leaves have deep burgundy in the veins, but only under a humidity dome. In
normal conditions the leaves are a light green.  I gave Carol Ann Bonner a tip cutting of
this plant to try in her greenhouse.  I hope the humidity will be high enough to keep the
This plant seems to be sterile, both as pollen or seed plant.  It produces lots of pollen and I
tried it on about 15 different plants, but all withered and died.  It developed a pod that stayed
green for almost 2 months, when it dried there was only fine dust in the pod.