S. douglassi x S. eumorpha
My S. douglasssi bloomed in April of 2007 for the first time and I made several
crosses with it as both the pollen and seed parent.  This cross is one of several I made
with 3 distinctly different
S. eumorpha's, 1 has purple on the inside and outside, 3 is a
very small almost white, 5 is a large white with purple lines in the throat.  I have kept 72
individual plants from each cross to see how much variation will show.
I took one plant to work this fall and it is about bloom now, Dec. 21, 2007, it is a large
plant, roughly the size of a
S. eumorpha.  The shape of the plant and growth habit is
also very similar to
S. eumorpha, the blooms are come one to two per axil at this time,
with heavy spotting already showing on the bloom.
@copyright Brad Walker May 23, 2010
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At left is the bloom almost open on Dec. 24, it is
pink with
S. douglassi's spotting.
Below - Dec. 26, the bloom has darkened in
color and opened.  It is a good size bloom, with a
heavy substance to the bloom itself, it is producing
pollen and I have brought some pollen home to
cross to my micro-minis.  The bloom is a medium
pink with dark spots and stripes, there is white at
the opening of the throat.  I will have to measure
the bloom to give better details.
The original plant below is named S. 'Booges' Spotty One' IR101136.
The pictures above are from my greenhouse, the color is really this bright.  If your wondering
about the exposed stamens, I have crossing it to several other plants.  
Left - Took this a week ago on
the tailgate of the truck.  It is
about 2 foot tall.