S. (eumorpha 'Salto' x piresiana)
I bought this beautiful plant on ebay
January of 2007 from Kathy Spissman
of "Kathy's Streps".  It is a larger sized
plant I grow outside during the summer
and store under the house during the
I wrote Kathy and asked for
information on this plant and she
emailed me this response.
"Peter Shalit made the cross and sent
seeds to Dave Zaitlin in 2003. Dave
donated some tubers to the silent
auction at Gesneriad convention in
2004 that she won.  It took her until
2007 to get enough cuttings to offer to
 My plant blooms fairly well as you
can see below.
email me
@copyright Brad Walker, July 12,
As for the size of the plant, in the picture above, it is in a 3.5" round pot,
so fairly large.
 It usually goes through a heavy bloom in May and June, then dies back
and blooms again about September and October.
 I crossed my conspicua with this one as the seed parent and had two
batches of seed. I only had six seedling from the first batch and one of
these just bloomed (
click here to see).  I just read on Alan LaVergne's site
that they thought this plant was sterile, but it will accept pollen at least from
conspicua and eumorpha, as I have seedlings from both.