S. eumorpha hybrids
S. eumorpha x S. iarae - seed
raised plant, check my page for this
cross for more information.
(S eumorpha x maurona) x self - I only raised three seedlings of this
S. eumorpha x
piresiana - I bought this
one on ebay.
Above  - my hybrids (S.eumorpha x {leucotricha x reitzii}) left - hybrid1, middle - lost this one,
right - 'Herbert Walker'
S. eumorpha x conspicua -
my hybrid
S. eumorpha x rupicola - The lightest
and darkest of the batch.  The rest are a
medium colored between the two, allhave
the stripes.
3100 series S. {hybrid1(S.eumorpha x
(leucotricha x reitzii)) x eumorpha #5}
I really
like the results of this cross - left is 3103 and right is
@ copyright Brad Walker Sept. 7, 2009