The Gesneriad Hybridizers' Association
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I have been a member for several years now and really enjoy reading the newsletter Crosswords.  
It always has good information on culture and progating techniques.  Crosswords has great pictures
of the newest hybrids, usually before they are published or seen elsewhere.  It also has Dale
Martens as one of the co-editors, I have talked to her several times through emails and have always
gotten great answers.  She is also a very well known hybridizer in her own right.

The seed list is a great source for hybrid seed, especially streptocarpus and sinningia.  If you are a
member the seed is free, except for a SASE.  I am growing some smithiantha hybrids from the list
right now.
More information at The Gesneriad Society website
copyright  Brad Walker May 17, 2009
This beauty was grown from the seed fund list in Crosswords, it is Sinningia eumorpha
hybrid x
iarae.  I am using it in several of my hybrids as it has nice clear pink and heavy
substance in the flowers.
This one is from the Crosswords seed list, it is Sinningia 'Texas Zebra' x cardinalis
'Innoncent'.  Both of the above plants are very robust, they are in 8" pots and going up to
10" in the next couple of weeks.  I actually like the larger plants as I can put them under my
house for the winter and bring them out in the spring.