Sinningia misc.
S. 'Ozark Pink Sunrise - This is the first good light pink I've seen, with a white throat with pink
spotting in it, also interestingly it has four lower petals instead of three.  I received this from
Dave's Violets on Aug. 12, 2005 with one bloom and two buds.  The bloom fell off on the way
home, but the two buds opened and are beautiful as you can see.  I have crossed these blooms to
S. leucotricha #1 and the other to S. eumorpha #1 on Aug 22, 2005, as of Sept. 4, the pods have
swollen and look good. When the pods ripened, the seeds look twisted and dehydrated, I only
had germination from one seed, from the cross to leucotricha #1.
S. 'Party Dude'  - I ordered this from Dave's Violets and received it Aug. 12, 2005.  It was in
bud when I received it and dropped one, but these two just opened and are perfect.  It looks a
lot like S. 'Flair' except the mouth of the tube doesn't open completely.
(top two pictures and lower left)
S. 'Charm' - another one from Dave's
Violets.  It has just opened is a soft peachy
pink with light purple mottling on the petals.
S. rupicola - I bought the seeds for this from
Brazil and planted them on Jan. 30, 2005.  It
is a beautiful little plant even without flowers,
the leaves are very hairy and are a purplish
green color.  It is going to be a fairly decent
sized plant as it is in a 2 3/4" pot right now at
7 months.
S. 'Ibitioca' - Another one of the seeds
from Brazil, planted on Jan. 30, 2005.  It is
becoming much larger all the time, it is
half the size of my eumorpha, but has
slightly messy, floppy habit.  It is in a 2
3/4" pot and growing over and out.  I can't
wait to see it bloom.
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