Miscellanous Sinningias II
'Sky High Spot' above -  Bought from Dave's Violets Aug. 12, 2005. I removed the original top and this is
the regrowth, it had two new growths, but I am rooting the second.  It has beautiful white flowers with a
light lavender color at the base of the throat.
Left - 'Super Orange' this hybrid is much
used in hybriding for its beautiful clear
orange flowers.
I bought this from Dave's Violets on
Aug. 12, 2005
Above - 'Ugly Girl' is such a beautiful hybrid, I don't see how it got its name.  The foliage and bloom
style are identical to eumorpha, only slightly smaller, but the bloom is incredible.  It starts as a deep
orange-red bud, then lengthens and slowly changes to a softer peachy-orange.  When the bloom
opens it is white with purple stripes in the throat, with orange on the tips of the petals.
I received this from Pat's Pets as a bonus plant and couldn't have asked for a better surpise.  I
would have never ordered this plant, because the description and name weren't very impressive, but
as you can see it is an amazing plant.
Above - 'Orange Zinger', I received this plant from Dave's Violets on Oct. 7, 2005.  It is a fairly large
plant, almost as large as my eumorphas.  It has large bright orange flowers, with purple in the throat.
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