xSinvana 'Mount Magazine'
xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' (Sinningia conspicua x Paliavania tenuiflora) is an
intergeneric cross made by Jon Lindstrom.  I came across it one night on the web and
wrote him. Jon is a Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas in the Horticulture
Department and had posted information about the breeding of this plant on their website.  
Anyone who has looked at my website knows I have a big interest in the genus
and it's two relatives
Paliavana and Vanhouttea (I am growing a batch of seedlings of
(Vanhouttea lanata x S. eumoorpha)
now).  Jon sent me information including that it was
the first named hybrid of the new intergeneric genus
xSinvana, and has been registered by
"The Gesneriad Society" International Registrar as #06984 on Nov. 10, 2006.
 Jon told me that a current project in his lab it to modify the chrosomone count and regain
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Jon sent me a clone of xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' in the first week of April 2007.  It
looked liked my  
S. eumorpha's at the time.  I put it outside on the porch where it
received full sunlight for about 8 hours and it really took off and started showing its true
colors.  In a month it had shot up about a foot and started flowering heavily.  It had
blooms constantly all the way throught the summer (including a couple of hundred degree
days in full sun).
It has a beautiful crisp white bloom,
pale yellow in the throat with purple
lines and spots over.  The texture is
heavy with a sweet, light perfume at
times, it also produces nectar heavily
and it did attract hummingbirds and
ants (just a couple of ants to a bloom).  
The indidividual blooms last a long time.
One of the unusual things about the blooms is that
each leaf whorl has at least two to three blooms
and as one set closes the next set opens, so you
always have open blooms.
 (Above and left) I entered it in the Tennessee
Gesneriad Society annual show in September and
it took 1st place in New Gesneriads named
hybrids.  (At left with TGS Treasurer Molly
If you have room inside or out it is a really nice
hybrid to grow.

Profesor Jon Lindstrom, Ph.D may be
contacted at email
tranell@uark.edu about
this plant.  He has a website for it at: