Lavender/Pink miniature seed mix from AGGS seed fund
I received the seed for these in February from the AGGS seed fund. Four seeds germinated, two have
bloomed as of Sepember.  The pink one below is LP #1, the lavender is LP #2, LP #3 is about to bloom (Sept.
30, 2005), these three are all compact, medium green leaves and very healthy.  The fourth plant, (LP #4) is
very small with mutiple crowns and looks to be a true miniature, the other three are in 2 3/4" pots and filling
them well, the fourth is in a 1 1/2" pot and looks almost lost.  I have a seed pod on LP #2 from a cross to my
eumorpha #2, it is fairly well swollen, so I suspect it took.
LP #2 and LP #1 in bloom.
LP #2 bloomed Sept. 1, 2005 for the first
time, it is a good size bloom, medium purple
with slightly lighter color on the lower lobes,
with white throat with speckling in the throat.
Crossed this bloom to my eumorpha #2 on
Sept. 11, and have seeds forming as of Sept.
30, 2005.
LP #1 has a really nice color, a crushed
strawberry with each petal outlined in a
darker pink, with a white throat.
The day I took this picture I snapped the
entire top of this plant.  I have the top and
a side shoot rooting and the tuber is just
starting to sprout again.    
Left to right, LP #2, LP #1 and LP #3.
LP #2 and #3 look very similar in the
photos but #3 is actually a lighter lavender
with just a very little white in the throat.
LP #1 has a good growth habit and flower
size with good color.  I am going to use it
in my breedng program.
LP #1 showing color.
LP #3 has a really nice large lavender
bloom.  The bloom is a uniform lavender
with a little white showing in the throat.
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