Smithiantha seedlings from Crosswords (GHS)
Above & right - TS 08-05 Smithiantha 'Sassy
Redhead' x 'An's Sognare Firenze' or simply
'sm201'.  I had three seedlings come from the
seed, this is the first to bloom.  The bloom is
snow white, while the leaves are medium green
with rich burgundy running with the veins.  It is
growing in a 2.5" pot to show its relative size
(right photo).
 These are the first smithiantha I have grown in
about 19 years and I had forgotten how easy
they are to grown.  All of my
smithiantha get
bright light with about 2 hours of direct sun at
between about 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in really
high heat (up to 103 degrees last week of June)
and they are growing outside..
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@ copyright Brad Walker July 5, 2009
Left - this is 3 of the 4 plants in
bloom in early July.  The pink
was a surprise, when I grew
smithiantha from seed years ago
they were all orange and
yellows.  The plant on the far left
is a soft cream color.
Above - this plant (sm202) is bright pink with a yellow throat that has pink
Smithiantha continued