My plants at work.  I have one of each
of my seedlings from Brazil, S.
leucotricha, S. 'Rio das Pedras', S.
douglassi 'Pink', S. eumorpha, S.
rupicola, S. piresia, S. 'Ibitioca'.  Plus
a S. 'White Sprite' seedlng, S. 'Flair'
and an unnamed mini-violet all my
plants are grown on wicks.
I bought S. 'Flair' from Dave's Violets, it didn't bloom well for me at home, but a
small cutting started blooming within a month at my office.  By Aug. 25, 2005 it
has 10 blooms blooming or coming into bloom.
Below - These two pictures show what a beautiful plant this is to grow, with
minimal care.  Other than taking old blooms off and watering this plant has set in a
window on a wick, about April 1, 2006 it had one bloom open, by April 21 it has a
total  of  13 open blooms at once.
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@copyright Brad Walker Aug. 25, 2005